OMNIFILTER TO8 Heavy-Duty Filter Cartridges

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OMNIFILTER TO8 Heavy-Duty Filter Cartridges


The heavy-duty TO8 filter cartridges are packed with granular carbon engineered to improve drinking water with taste & odor problems, while also lending an exceptionally high capacity to these cost-effective filters.


  • Radial flow design allows for high flow with excellent chlorine reduction and a low drop in water pressure
  • 50% more capacity and cartridge life than traditional heavy-duty whole house filters
  • Polyspun outer shell traps sediment before it enters the bed of carbon
  • For use on chlorinated or non-chlorinated water


  • Sediment
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor


Cartridge and housing sizing


Better Water Everywhere

Pentair's OMNIFilter TO8 cartridges provide better water for your whole house, extending the life of your water heater, dishwasher, and other appliances. They even help improve the taste.


Why carbon?

  • Carbon filters excel at reducing contaminants that threaten our health or cause bad tastes and odors. Their vast surface area provides a large capacity for removing unwanted contaminants.
  • How it works: As water passes through activated carbon, contaminants become trapped in the pores of its surface area. The surface area of 5 grams of activated carbon equals the surface area of a football field!