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F3000-B2B & F3000-B2M (3-stage)

3 Stage Filtration Systems

Features & Benefits:

  • Mechanical assist design allows effortless click-in installation
  • Proprietary cartridge design exclusively for the water treatment professional
  • 3/8” push fit plumbing connection for easy installation and high flow 
  • Water supply valve includes shut off for ease of serviceability, fits multiple piping styles 
  • Color coded cartridges maintains proper filter sequenceReduces taste, odor, VOCs, MBTE
  • High power magnet mounted cover for ease of installation in tight places
  • Built-in check valve system provides multi-point backflow protection
  • NSF Certified for materials and performance
  • Optional remote cartridge timer provides visual filter replacement notification
  • Branded Pentair exclusively for the water treatment professional
  • Drinking water faucet included
  • Powdercoated mounting backplate
  • Dedicated meltblown 5 micron prefilter, for dirty water applications