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Pentair Hydromatic PG/NPG Centrifugal Grinder Semi Open Impeller



  • Dry-pit pump end, motor ordered separately
  • Pump end oil-filled for heat dissipation and lubrication
  • Cast iron pump end (PG only)
  • Navy M bronze pump end designed for marine applications (NPG only)
  • Flexible motor coupling
  • 2 HP, 200/230V single phase, 200/230/460V three phase motor• 60 Hz/50 Hz (3450 RPM/2900 RPM)
  • Bronze semi-open impeller (4½" to 5" diameter)
  • Exclusive “dual cutter” reduces particle size• 1¼" NPT discharge
  • Available configurations, rails and accessories
    • Rail Systems Available
    • Controls and Accessories Available