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Bronze Pedestal Flexible Impeller Pump

Shurflo® bronze, pedestal, self-priming, positive displacement, flexible impeller pumps provide a nearly pulseless flow with no metal-to-metal contact. This pedestal pump drive series includes a 303 stainless steel drive shaft with heavy-duty ball bearing and carbon graphite bushing, providing for direct drive or pulley operation. Features include: bronze and/or brass pump body, cam and cover; standard Buna-N mechanical seal with carbon ceramic faces and Nitrile impeller. Uses: Handles a wide range of industrial, marine, agricultural and commercial applications where non-abrasive fluids compatible with pump wet-end construction component materials are pumped. Pumps are suitable for the transfer of non-lubricating fluids, mild abrasives, fluids containing small particles in suspension, and a wide variety of viscous fluids such as petroleum-based oils, silicone greases, and hydraulic fluids. These units are ideal for water drainage transfer, barrel emptying, machine coolant recycling, and an assortment of related utility activities. L-4095 OIPM

  • Flows up to 36.5 GPM at 3450 RPM
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure is 25 PSI (60 Ft. of Head)
  • Max. RPM: 3450
  • Suction Lift to 13.5 ft
  • Buna-N Mechanical Seal with Carbon Ceramic Wear Faces and 18-8 Stainless Steel Components
  • Pumps can Operate Bi-Directionally (Reversible)
  • Temperature Range with Nitrile Impellers is 0°F - 180°F (Optional Neoprene Impellers is 15°F - 130°F)
  • Maximum Viscosity up to 500 SSU and 25 PSI (60 Ft. of Head) at 1725 RPM or Run at Reduced Speeds to Handle a Wide Range of Pump Fluid Viscosities (up to 2500 SSU) and Specific Gravity (up to 1.3). DO NOT Pump Oils or Petroleum Derivatives with Optional Neoprene Impellers. (Maximum torque loads are found in the performance chart.)