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Pentair Shurflo CK Series

Shurflo® self-priming, positive displacement, external rotary gear pumps are ideal for a wide range of light-duty industrial, marine, agricultural, and commercial applications, providing a nearly pulseless flow and are designed specifically for reduced speed operations. Some models include an internal pressure relief valve. Limited self-priming capability on packing seal types. Pillow block shaft assembly is required when pulley driven. Motors are not included. Specifically designed for use with oil-based fluids. Not to be used with water-based fluids. Models include steel spur gears with steel shafts, cast iron shaft support, Kevlar®, and Teflon® packing seals having a temperature range of -20° to 210° F. Wet-end parts are constructed from cast iron, stainless steel (17-7, 300 series and/or 18-8), steel, vellumoid, Kevlar®, and Teflon®. Uses: For use with non-particulate and non-abrasive fluids compatible with pump wet-end construction component. L-4085 OIPM


  • Flows to 24.8 GPM
  • Max. RPM: 1725
  • Max. PSI: 100
  • Suction Lift to 19.5 Ft
  • Maximum Viscosity of 100,000 SSU at Reduced Speed (Max. Input Torque of 45 -160 in.-Lbs.)
  • Temperature Ranges from -20 to 280° F
  • Seals – Kevlar®/Teflon® Packing Type
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 130 PSI
  • Pumps can Operate Bi-Directionally (Reversible). In the Opposite Rotation, the Pump Pressure Relief Valve, if Equipped, will not Function