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Pentair Flotec FPT20515 1-1/2 HP Two-Speed In-Ground Pool Pump

Our more energy efficient pool pump for in-ground pools features a two-speed motor.  Pump timer controls available on the market can set the speed down to run at less than 1/2 its normal speed in order to save on energy costs.

Meets residential pool pump two-speed motor requirements for California Title 20 and Florida HB7135 energy compliant systems

Key Features

  • High Performance -- Designed to move large amounts of water
  • Extremely Quiet -- Specially designed base dampens sound and vibration
  • Low Maintenance -- Includes extra large capacity trap with see-through lid
  • Easy Installation -- Includes quick-connect union
  • Two Speed Motor -- Allows your control to decrease motor speed, saving energy and operating costs. See your local pool supply dealer for the proper control panel


1 year limited warranty

Performance Curves