Fleck XTR2 Touch Screen Controller

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Fleck XTR2 Touch Screen Controller


Pentair Fleck brings you the Fleck XTR2 controller - the first touchscreen control valve to hit the industry. With its detailed screen descriptions, color LCD display, and familiar icons, the XTR2 controller brings ease of programming and a user-friendly experience to the table.

For Valves:

  • 5800
  • 5810
  • 5812

Features and Benefits


  • Time of day super capacitor backup for power loss
  • Large color LCD touch screen display
  • Programmable relay output
  • Remote lockout and regen input
  • Easy electronic programming
  • Error alarm
  • Assistance screen with dealer contact information
  • Programmable assistance interval with alarm for service
  • Master settings by category
  • Intuitive nativation
  • Field Programmer for quick configuration and diagnostic data download to PC via USB
  • Password lockout screen for added security
  • Vacation mode to save water when not in use


  • Current Flow Rate
  • Peak Flow Rate (can be reset)
  • Totalizer (can be reset)
  • Last Regeneration
  • Daily usage for last four weeks
  • Reserve
  • Software Version
  • Number of Regenerations
  • Regeneration Interval
  • Usage since last regeneration 
  • Last program change



  • Time Clock
  • Softener Immediate
  • Softener Delayed
  • Filter Immediate
  • Filter Delayed


  • Downflow
  • Upflow
  • Upflow Variable Fill
  • Downflow Double Backwash
  • Upflow Backwash
  • Filter
  • Upflow Filter
  • Custom Upflow
  • Custom Downflow
  • Downflow No Hard Water Bypass (5812 only)


  • 12V DC (5800 Series)
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