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5 Plants You Didn't Know Require the Most Water

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5 Plants You Didn't Know Require the Most Water

Those with a green thumb are well aware that countless houseplants require plentiful water to maintain a full, lush green. A lot of homeowners, especially in drought-stricken areas, have switched to drought-resistant houseplants that require little sustenance to survive and thrive.

For homeowners that live where water is plentiful the array of plant life in your home shouldn’t be limited but how much maintenance and care certain plants require.

However, there are many common plant varieties that you may not realize are constantly thirsting for more water. Follow along as we break down the 5 house plants that you’ll need to put a little extra love and care into in order to keep them beautiful and vivid.

1. Impatiens – these flowers love the shade and make excellent houseplants. Even when they’re not in bloom the glossy, shimmering leaves draw the eye. Impatiens need rich soil for optimal growth and should be watered regularly so the soil doesn’t dry. Use soil and pots that drain quickly and tend to the flower often.


2. Begonias – Versatile to a fault, begonias are beloved in hanging pots, flowerbeds, and windowsills alike. One of the most common houseplants, begonias grow best in loose soil that drains quickly, which means you’ll need to water them religiously. Take care to trim off any long stems to preserve the compact shape of the begonia.

3. Poinsettias –Poinsettias are incredibly popular during the holiday celebration yet are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of snow and frost. Keep them in a well-lit, warm room, and feed them plenty of water to keep them happy. Always allow time for the soil to become dry before rewatering. Care for them properly and they’ll last until Valentine’s Day!


4. Cyclamen – The dark, heart-shaped leaves of the cyclamen plant add a romantic air to these plants. You must water them well, but for indoor plants, you must water the plants from the bottom, else the soil may become soggy and lead to root rot. Alluring but poisonous, cyclamen should be kept away from children and pets.

5. African Violet Plants – these plants do love water, but their appearance on this list doesn’t mean you should douse them with H2O. African violet plants must be watered every 3 days, but the amount doesn’t have to be more than a typical houseplant. The leaves cannot get wet, so water from the bottom up to preserve the shape of the leaves.


Especially for thirsty houseplants, water quality is hugely important. Contaminants in your water supply could cause harm to your precious plants, not to mention your family. Provide your plants and your family with the best water possible by installing a filtration system from Pentair.

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