How to Choose the Right Shower Filter for Your Home? Important Things to Consider

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How to Choose the Right Shower Filter for Your Home? Important Things to Consider

Dry, itchy skin? Frizzy, damaged hair? You can most likely blame treatment chemicals like chlorine and chloramines if you’re experiencing these effects after taking a shower. If you use municipal water, before water reaches your home, water treatment plants may use these chemicals to help disinfect the water for safe consumption. While these chemicals help kill bacteria and other harmful organisms, they can expose your hair and skin to potential damage.

Installing a whole house filtration system is an excellent way to reduce these treatment chemicals and give your home cleaner water throughout your home. However, a whole house system isn’t feasible for everyone, especially if you live in an apartment or don’t have the budget for one.

So what should you do? Consider a shower filter.

How Does a Shower Filter Work?

A shower filter functions just like a drinking water filter. Tap water enters the filter, passes through some treatment stages, and exits as a soothing water stream. These filters are designed to reduce chlorine, chloramine, scale buildup, and sulfur odors, resulting in a cleaner, better-feeling shower experience.

Check out some of the benefits that a premium shower filter can provide:

  • Chlorine and Chloramines Reduction — When you install a shower filter, it can effectively reduce chlorine and chloramines and leave your hair and skin looking and feeling great. Plus, it can reduce distinct odors associated with these treatment chemicals.
  • Scale Buildup Reduction — Shower filters can help reduce scale buildup around your tub and faucet, which means fewer shower cleanings.
  • Long-Lasting — On average, filters can last for 15,000 gallons, which means you only have to swap out your filter every six to nine months.
  • Affordability — Shower filters can be an affordable alternative to whole house filtration systems.
  • Easy Installation — Most shower filters don’t require special tools for installation. Just snap in a new filter and turn on your shower.
  • Spa-Like Experience — Filtered water doesn't just taste better, but it feels better, too. Every time you step into the shower, you'll feel like you're receiving a soothing treatment during a spa session.

Types of Shower Filters

Shower filters come in a wide range of sizes and styles, each with its own features and functions. Here are some options you should consider for your home.

Filtered Showerheads

Filtered showerheads are an all-in-one choice to elevate your shower experience. Pentair offers a dual-flow showerhead, where you can easily switch between uncompromising water pressure and water-conserving flow.

Shower Filter with Wand

Shower filters with a massage wand are perfect for anyone who has more control over their showering, especially people with physical limitations. They’re also a great choice for pet owners because you can easily bathe your furry friend without them trying to run away.

Shower Filter without Head

If you already have the perfect showerhead for your space, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a premium shower filter with no head included. Just screw in your existing showerhead and indulge in a soothing, spa-like shower experience.

Carbon Filters

Pentair uses a steam-activated carbon media that traps chloramines and other contaminants to reduce unpleasant odors and deliver a relaxing shower stream.

KDF Filters

KDF filters comprise zinc and copper. These two elements create a small chemical-electrical charge, which can help dissolve contaminants such as mercury, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, and chlorine.

Choosing the Right Shower Filter for Your Home

If you are dealing with skin or hair issues after a shower, a shower filter can help resolve those issues by reducing the amount of minerals and contaminants flowing through your showerhead. But before you buy a shower filter, you must determine what contaminants are in your water and which ones you want to reduce. Our water testing kit and virtual home water treatment consultation are excellent ways to find out what’s in your water supply.

Are you ready to tackle your water challenges? Get in touch with us today and a home water expert can help you find the right solution.

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