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Help! My Water Smells Bad

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You turn on the shower and within seconds, your bathroom smells like a carton of rotten eggs. Or perhaps your glass of water smells like it came straight out of a swimming pool. Water should be clear and odorless, and when it’s not, it can be concerning. What can you do?


Chlorine and hydrogen sulfide (aka sulfur) are two chemicals that can cause your water to give off an odor. The causes of bad-smelling water can vary based on where your water comes from. Here’s how to identify where bad-smelling water is coming from – and how to fix it.

How does water odor show up throughout my home?


Discolored or bad-tasting coffee or drinks


A strong odor, especially when first turning on a faucet


Odor in your drinking or shower water

How do I test my water?

Before you start shopping for your better-water solution, Pentair recommends you test your water to know what contaminants or impurities might be plaguing your water. You can use our 16-Point Rapid Water Test to measure 16 common contaminants that could be in your water. Or, we offer two types of convenient consultations: a virtual consultation, or a phone consultation. 


Bonus: If you order the 16-Point Rapid Water Test, then come back and purchase a water softening or filtration product, we will apply the cost of the water test to your total purchase amount.

How do I fix bad-smelling water?

Our water treatment solutions are available in two categories: whole-home products that treat your water as it enters your home, or single tap products that treat your water where you use it (think: the kitchen sink or showerhead).

Single source products can be easily installed at specific taps in your home, giving you easy access and control over your water quality. Countertop and undersink water filters are easy to install and filter out sediment, debris, and chemicals like chlorine to give you better-smelling water.

If bad-smelling water is a consistent problem in your home, a point-of-entry product might be the best solution. Whole house water filter systems connect to your existing plumbing line. Select whole house water filter systems will even remove up to 97% of chlorine from your water.

With Pentair Water Solutions water filtration products you can enjoy better water that is odor-free, clearer, and tasteless in no time.

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