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The Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative Systems

Even slightly hard water at home can cause visible and costly issues for plumbing, appliances, skin, and hair. Boost your water confidence with a customized salt-free solution from Pentair Water Solutions.

Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative

  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Can help extend the life of appliances
  • No expensive salt to buy
  • No electricity to operate

Starting at: $2,022.00

Water Filter and Water Softener Alternative Combo System

  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Can help extend the life of appliances
  • No expensive salt to buy
  • No electricity to operate
  • Beter tasting and smelling water

Starting at: $2,790.00

Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative + Filter and UV Combo

  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Can help extend the life of appliances
  • No expensive salt to buy
  • No electricity to operate
  • Beter tasting and smelling water
  • Disinfects your water

Starting at: $3,804.00


Test Your Water

Before selecting a salt-free water softening alternative, it’s important to confirm your water has a low hardness level. Get started with our 16-Point Rapid Water Test.


Learn About How Water Softeners Work

Not all water softening systems are the same. Discover the differences between salt-based water softeners and salt-free water softener alternatives.


Talk to a Home Water Expert

Our home water experts are available Monday - Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM EST to discuss your home water challenges and questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty policy on my water softener alternative tank?

You can find Pentair warranty policies by clicking the button below.

Why does my water softener fail to regenerate?

The following is a list of common reasons as to why this may be happening:

  • The unit is unplugged or no power is going to the unit.
  • The unit is in bypass.
  • The meter is counting gallons remaining off of the timer.

Why is the water pressure in my home low?

To determine the potential cause, put your water softener in bypass and see if the pressure increases.

  • If the pressure does not increase, then the restriction is in your plumbing. Check all shut off valves.
  • If the pressure increases, the pressure drop is within the water softener system. You may need to replace your resin.
  • If the issue persists, contact your installer, dealer or Pentair technical support for further assistance.

How soon will I receive my product if I order today?

We ship all in-stock orders the same day when an order is received before 2PM EST. Depending on where you live, the shipment will take up to 7 business days to arrive. You will receive tracking information via the email provided on the order details.

Does a water softener alternative address issues like dry/itchy skin, brittle hair, and lathering like traditional water softeners do?

In short, no. If you are experiencing issues like dry or itchy skin or brittle hair you sholud opt for a traditional, or salt-based water softeners.

Should I choose a water softener or water softener alternatives?

It really depends on your lifestyle, budget, and unique home water challenges. For example, traditional water softeners use salt to reduce hard water-causing mineral ions, like calcium and magnesium. Water softeners can reduce any level of hard water, including moderate and very hard water, resulting in softer skin, shinier hair, longer lasting and more efficient appliances, and less hard water scale buildup. Salt does need to be replenished on occassion.

Water Softener Alternatives, on the other hand, do not require salt refills, making these systems more hassle-free. They also do not require electricity to operate.

You can learn more about hard water or dive deeper into the differences of traditional water softeners vs. water softener alternatives here.

Will installing a softening system restrict the water flow or pressure in the house?

Yes, the water has to flow through the unit and the resin. These cavities will create a pressure drop. Based on the size of the system and at what flow rate will determine how much pressure drop there will be.

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