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Confidence-Boosting Warranty

Pentair manufactures its products (“Products”) and parts (“Parts”) using quality workmanship and materials. Accordingly, Pentair warrants to the original purchaser, referred to herein as “Buyer,” that its Products and Parts of the brands listed below will be free from material defects in materials and/or workmanship under normal use and service beginning on the date Pentair ships the Product and continuing for the respective warranty coverage period set forth below, and further subject to the exclusions, limitations and conditions set forth herein.

POINT-OF-USE (POU) Filtration
Model Line Warranty Coverage Period
FreshPoint Systems 1 year
Undersink Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Systems 1 year
Shower Filter Systems 1 year
Countertop Drinking Systems 1 year
All FreshPoint, Undersink & Countertop Replacement Cartridges and Service Parts 30 days
Model Line Warranty Coverage Period
POE Housings and Systems
1 year
POE Replacement Cartridges 30 days
Model Line Warranty Coverage Period
Salt Softener and Carbon Rotary Valve Systems
Comprehensive System: 1 year
Tank, Valve and Electronics: 5 years
Media: 5 years (Municipal Water), 1 year (Well Water)
All Other Electric and Non-Electric Tank-Based POE Systems
Comprehensive System: 1 year
Tank, Valve and Electronics: 5 years
PC Systems Performance Guarantee
Model Line Warranty Coverage Period
PC600-P 650,885 Gallons or 5 years, whichever comes first
PC1000-P 1,301,770 Gallons or 5 years, whichever comes first

This guarantee covers the reduction of chlorine and chloramine below minimum detection levels (MDL) for levels less than or equal to maximum influent levels allowed in NSF/ANSI 42. The authorized dealers shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of defective media only, labor to replace the media is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Model Line Warranty Coverage Period
13" and Smaller Tanks, Non-Electric Valve Heads, Bypasses, Fittings, Retention Tanks, Mineral Tanks (14" and larger) 5 years
Natursoft Media
5 years
Metering Pump Tubing, Diaphragm Feed or Injector Pump, Install Kits, Flow Control Switches 1 year
Dosatron Chemical Injector Pump Motor
1 year
Dosatron Chemical Injector Motor Adjustment Ratio
90 days
Chemical Injector Pump Tubing Not Warranted
Model Line Warranty Coverage Period
Basic and Standard UV Systems (PUV-7, PUV-14, PUV-8, PUV-16)
UV Chamber: 10 years
Electrical and Hardware: 3 years
UV Lamps, Sleeves, and Sensors: 1 year
Viqua Pro Series
Power Supply: 5 years
UV Chamber: 10 years
UV Lamps and Intensity Monitor: 1 year
Model Line Warranty Coverage Period
Connected Salt Level Sensor
1 year

Exclusions from this Limited Warranty

This warranty does not cover the following instances:

  1. Damage caused by careless handling, improper repackaging, or shipping by a party other than Pentair.
  2. Damage due to misapplication, misuse, abuse; failure to operate or install Products as specified in owner’s manual; or failure to use the Products in accordance with the water conditions specified in the owner’s manual.
  3. Any non-Pentair parts manufactured, including, but not limited to, repair and service parts, repair kits, motors, pistons, seal kits, spacer kits, bypass valves, brine connections and devices, or any other third party parts. Incorporation of any parts manufactured by a third party into a Pentair Product shall completely void the limited warranty for such Product.
  4. Damage due to unauthorized Product modifications, alteration or failure to use Pentair’s original replacement parts.
  5. Damage caused by negligence of any third party, including Buyer, or failure to properly maintain Products as specified in the owner’s manual.
  6. Noncompliance with applicable codes, and ordinances including without limitation, plumbing codes.
  7. Damage due to oxidizing agents, impacts, corrosive liquids, gases, or chemicals.
  8. Damage due to hydro-pneumatic or pneumatic use.
  9. Damage caused by water freezing inside the Product.
  10. Accidental damage, fire, acts of God (such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, lightning or other disaster) or other circumstances outside of Pentair’s reasonable control.
  11. Labor expenses.
  12. Normal wear and tear.

Pentair Warranty Obligations
Should a defect in workmanship and/or materials in Products or Parts arise during the applicable warranty period, then upon Buyer’s compliance with the procedures below, Pentair will, at its sole option, repair or replace such Product or Part, or issue a credit of equal value, in lieu of repair. Any replacement product shall be warranted only for the remainder of the original product warranty only and shall not extend the original warranty period.

However, Pentair is not responsible under this warranty for any cost of shipping or transportation of the Product or Parts thereof to or from its facility. Also, Pentair is not liable for any loss of time, inconvenience, incidental expenses such as telephone calls, labor, travel or material charges incurred in connection with the removal or replacement of the Product or Part. PENTAIR SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY TO ANY PERSON FOR PUNITIVE, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONTINGENT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY DESCRIPTION OR LOSS OF USE, REVENUE OR PROFITS, WHETHER ARISING OUT OF WARRANTY OR OTHER CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER TORT, OR OTHERWISE. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to Buyer.

No Other Warranties

Procedure for Obtaining Warranty
Pentair extends the warranties contained herein solely to direct transactional customers of Pentair and to the original home installation only. All secondary customers of these Products and Parts must submit warranty claims with their direct suppliers.

In order to obtain the benefits of this warranty, the Buyer must contact Pentair’s Customer Care Department as soon as possible after discovery of the Product or Part related issue, but in no event later than the expiration date of the respective warranty periods provided herein. Upon receipt of this communication, Pentair will promptly notify Buyer of the address to which the Product or Part may be shipped. Buyer shall then ship the Product or Part, freight prepaid by Buyer, to the address indicated, together with a “RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION” form obtained from Pentair’s Customer Care and a brief description of the problems encountered. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

Warranties or Representations by Others
No third party has any authority to make any warranties or representation concerning Pentair or its Products and Parts.
Accordingly, Pentair is not responsible for any such warranties or representations.

Sole Warranty
This warranty supersedes all previous warranty publications.

*Failure by California and Quebec residents to complete the product registration form does not diminish their warranty rights.

**For all orders placed on or after July 19, 2021

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