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Ready to start your journey to better water? Get started today and speak with a home water expert.


Know Exactly What’s In Your Water

Did you know water quality can vary by state, city, zip code, or even home-to-home on your street? At Pentair, we offer cutting-edge water solution technologies. From water softeners to whole home water filters, we have high-performance products to solve your unique home water problems.

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scale build up on faucet

Hard Water

You might have hard water if you experience scale buildup, spotted glassware, or have dry, itchy skin or dull and brittle hair. And, up to 85% of homes in the U.S. have hard water1…do you?

woman drinking bad water


Chlorine is commonly used to treat home water for parasites, bacteria, and viruses. But, when used in higher doses, it can leave behind a signature foul taste and odor.

woman looking at water glass

Lead Contamination

Lead is a heavy metal that can affect any human’s health and well-being, even when ingested in small doses.

rusty water coming out of faucet

Red/Orange Staining

Red or orange water coming from your faucet or staining on your sinks could be an indication of high levels of iron in your water.

Better Water. Your Way.

Whether you'd like to invite us into your home or prefer a no-contact consultation, we're here to help deliver the water confidence you deserve, when you want it. Call us now to schedule a home water consultation, or to speak with a trained and trusted representative about your water


What to expect during your in-home consultation


A Pentair certified home water expert will arrive in a fully customizable mobile retail center – complete with a water testing station and sample showroom. You’ll receive a free water diagnosis, enjoy a one-on-one review of your unique home water challenges, and understand the custom selection of solutions to enjoy complete water confidence.

  1. Request an in-home water consultation.
  2. A Pentair home water expert will contact you to schedule your free water diagnosis and consultation.
  3. A Pentair certified water expert will complete an inspection of your water-using appliances and plumbing to visually assess any potential water damages, and complete your free water diagnosis on-site.
  4. Prefer a contact-less home water consultation? No problem! Just let your home water expert know and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Still Have Questions? We’ve Got You.

Pentair home water experts are available by phone Monday - Friday 8 AM - 9 PM ET and Saturday 8 AM - 8 PM ET


*NSF/ANSI Standard 53 certified to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia by mechanical means

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