10 Best Cities for Drinking Water in North America

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10 Best Cities for Drinking Water in North America

When you read the news about the latest lead contamination or bacterial infection in a local water supply you may start to believe that every municipal water supply is questionable. Here’s some good news for a change: some cities in North America have remarkably clean tap water!

Throughout America and Canada, some cities go beyond water treatment standards to deliver more refreshing and cleaner water to their residents. Here are the 10 best cities to live in for clean drinking water in North America:

  1. Hamilton, Ohio – This city has won the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition (locally nicknamed the “Academy Awards of Water”) three times, in 2009, 2010, and 2015. Hamilton’s only municipal water source is the Great Miami Valley Buried Aquifer.
  2. Clearbrook, Abbottsford, British Columbia – At the 2016 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event, Clearbrook won the award for Best Municipal Water in the world. The Clearbrook Waterworks District has won several awards in the last few years for its crisp water.
  3. Eldorado Springs, Colorado – This mountain town has won the Best Municipal Water in the U.S. category at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting event. Multiple reservoirs and creeks in the Rockies make the water naturally refreshing and clean.
  4. Louisville, Kentucky – Louisville is the only city in America to actually trademark its municipal tap water. The water comes from the Ohio River and is treated at one of the top water treatment plants in the country, where it is treated via sand and gravel filtration.
  5. Silverdale, Washington – The American Water Works Association has ranked the tap water in Silverdale as one of the top two in the country, and the city routinely performs well at the event in Berkeley Springs. The water comes from a central aquifer deep underground.
  6. Emporia, Kansas – This city that serves 25,000 residents with clean tap water is also a mainstay at the Berkeley Springs event, having placed in the top 3 numerous times. Local data show that filters installed in 1996 reduce the turbidity (or haziness) of the water far more than what’s required.
  7. New York City, New York – Certainly the largest city on this list, New York City has tap water any metropolis would be proud of. 95% of the water that travels to the city through aqueducts and tunnels reaches the city center through the natural pull of gravity, where it is filtered and treated.
  8. Toronto, Ontario – Another major city, Toronto has placed well in water testing competitions including the Best of the Best Water Test hosted by the AWWA. The water source is very close: Lake Ontario, which sits just three kilometers away from the treatment center.
  9. Independence, Missouri – Independence supplies 250,000 people with extremely clean water that exceeds (or at least meets) all federal regulations, as their water quality report The city has moved up to 3rd place in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition.
  10. Denver, Colorado – The snowmelt water supply in the Rocky Mountains makes the water in several Colorado cities incredibly brisk and tasty. Denver’s water has more of a mineral taste than other cities, but the South Platte River and other sources make this water especially clean, according to their water quality report.

If you don’t live in one of the cities with the best tap water in North America you can purchase a water filter system to ensure your family drinks cleaner, better-tasting water. Contact Pentair Water Solutions to see what water treatment system is right for your home.

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