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Tired of Buying Salt Bags? Water Softener Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

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Tired of Buying Salt Bags? Water Softener Alternatives That Won’t Break the Bank

Nothing can complicate your monthly trip to the store quite like a 40-pound bag of salt. Lugging these heavy bags to your home is a complete hassle, and refilling your brine tank every week is a chore that eats up hours and hours of time during the lifespan of your salt-based water softener.

Salt bags for water softening are costly. If you choose the top-quality salt with a high rate of purity your bags could set you back up to $15 for each purchase. Salt bags destroy the idea that your water softener can function independently – in order to protect your home from water hardness and scale buildup you have to consistently replace the salt.

In addition to the added hassle, salt for softeners can become expensive over time. For a family of four salt bags and other maintenance costs will set you back $686 more per year compared to water softener alternatives with salt-free technology.

That’s right – there are affordable alternatives to salt-based water softener technology. Contrary to what you might believe, the ion exchange process that takes place within salt-based water softeners isn’t necessary in order to reduce scale buildup and combat the effects of water hardness.

We feature an in-depth scientific examination of the processes that occur in salt-based and water softener alternatives with salt-free technology systems on our water hardness education page, but here’s a brief summary: salt-based systems remove “hardness” particles by swapping them with sodium ions, hence the bags of salts.

Water softener alternatives with salt-free technology systems have a more complicated process at work that neutralizes the harmful effects of “hardness” particles by capturing them within calcium carbonate crystals so they can’t stick to appliances and plumbing fixtures.

The Pentair Pelican Water Softener Alternative with salt-free technology is the ultimate alternative to traditional salt-based units. Due to the nature of the process at work within water softener alternatives with salt-free technology systems, they don’t require any bag replacements or in-depth maintenance.

There are many other benefits to getting rid of your salt-based system and making the switch to water softener alternatives. Our units do not require any electricity to operate, saving you a hefty utility bill every month. Water softener alternative systems also leave in minerals that are beneficial for your health and won’t increase the sodium content in your drinking water.

If you want the softened water generated from a salt-based softener to be drinkable you’ll also need to invest in a reverse osmosis filtration system, which will carry its own additional costs in the form of regular filter replacements. By opting for a water filtration system that reduces the chlorine content in your water you secure a more holistic solution with one purchase.

At Pentair, we are committed to making products that are good for consumers and good for the environment. The technology inside our salt-free systems doesn’t require the dumping of salt brine for use, meaning that our systems generate zero water waste.

For your wallet and for your planet, ditch the salt bags. Save money and save time by going with a water softener alternative with salt-free technology system from Pentair.

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