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Where Does Your Bottled Water Really Come From?

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Where Does Bottled Water Come From?

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When you think of bottled water, you probably envision a babbling brook or crystal-clear spring deep in the untouched mountains of some faraway countryside. Nice, right?

But truth be told, your bottled water isn’t coming from a spring or river at all. Rather, it's from the same municipal water supply your tap water comes from. While many brands do bottle their water at sources consistent with their messaging, others are simply selling you tap water that costs thousands more than what you would pay by drinking your water at home.

Bottled Water Sources: A Deep Dive

Where is your bottled water coming from?

Around 55% of bottled water is derived from “spring water.” According to the EPA, spring water is water that naturally bubbles up to the earth's surface. It can also be water collected through a borehole.

And the other 45%? That would be overpriced, glorified tap water.
When it comes down to it, is bottled water better than tap water? Both are comparable in terms of safety. But with bottled water, you're putting yourself at risk for BPA exposure. BPA is a chemical in plastic that may contribute to certain health problems. You're also wreaking havoc on the environment when you choose a bottle over tap.

Impact of Bottled Water

Most of the big brands bottle their water from sources in California, which is known for its chronic drought issues. Most company headquarters and facilities are located in California, making it easier to bottle there.

This can cause cities and municipalities to enforce water restrictions. Meaning residents can't water their lawns or take long showers. Since water is scarce, it also costs more. Just in Los Angeles, the cost for tap water spiked 71% from 2010 to 2017.

Research also shows that 86% of plastic water bottles in the United States are tossed in the garbage. It also takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce all the bottles we use yearly.

Pentair Drinking Water Filters Provides Clean, Healthy Water

What can you do about the bottled water problem? Switch to a reusable water bottle. The best reusable water bottles are BPA-free. Fill them with tap water before you head out, and you'll be set.

Since most of your bottled water is simply water from your tap, why not save a substantial amount of money and do what’s best for the environment? If you’re concerned about your water quality, install drinking water filters from Pentair. Our whole home filtration solutions can reduce up to 97% of chlorine. Enjoy trusted, better-tasting drinking water both at home and on the go. Insist on Pentair.

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