Water Softening & Filtration Products

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Water Softener Systems

Stop hard water from wreaking havoc in your home. Pentair Water Softeners help extend the life of your appliances, give your skin and hair a boost, and reduce scale buildup on sinks, faucets and other water-using appliances.

Whole House Water Filtration

Pentair tailors whole house filtration solutions to your unique home water profile. When it comes to home water, one size does not fit all. We deliver customized solutions for great-tasting, odor-free water from every tap, every time.

Undersink & Countertop Filtration Systems

Pentair Undersink and Countertop drinking water systems reduce contaminants from your drinking water, giving you fresh, cleaner water without the hassle of filling pitchers or the waste of single-use plastic bottled water.

Shower Filters

Pentair Shower Filters can reduce up to 96% of the chlorine from your shower water, resulting in softer skin and shinier hair, reduced odors, and less scale buildup around your tub and faucet.

UV Water Systems

Our leading line of UV water systems harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to inactivate bacteria and viruses in your home's water, without the use of harsh chemicals. Goodbye unwanted microorganisms. Hello, water confidence.

Replacement Filters

Look to Pentair whenever you need your next filter changeout. We'll have an effective, genuine replacement filter for your Pentair system at the ready to keep your water wonderful.



Pentair offers a wide variety of parts and accessories to help make installation easy and keep your water treatment system operating at peak performance.

Need Help? We’ve Got You.

Pentair Technical Support is available by phone Monday - Saturday from 9am - 6pm ET (closed on Sunday)

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