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Undersink & Countertop Filtration Systems

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Untap Better Water Right at the Tap 

Pentair undersink and countertop drinking water systems help significantly reduce contaminants from your drinking water, giving you fresh, clean water without the hassle of filling pitchers or the waste of disposable plastic bottled water. Reduce your plastic bottle waste and improve your water experience today.

Easy Flow Under Counter Filter

  • Certified to reduce lead, chlorine taste & odors, and more
  • Easy, DIY installation and filter replacement
  • Great-tasting, more refreshing water from your existing faucet

Starting at: $153.00

3-Stage Under Counter Filtration

  • Reduce 60+ contaminants
  • Better, more refreshing water from your tap
  • Ready to install with dedicated side faucet
  • Easy cartridge change outs
  • Optional filter life monitor

Starting at: $251.00

5-Stage Under Counter Reverse Osmosis

  • Reduce 99%+ impurities from water
  • 5 unique filtration stages for better, more refreshing water
  • Ready to install with a dedicate air-gap faucet
  • Easy cartridge change outs
  • High efficiency membrane technology delivers up to 75 gallons per day

Starting at: $677.00

Enjoy Your Water At Its Wowest

easyflow system under a sink
  • Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your new home water system can reduce 60+ contaminants, like lead, chlorine, VOCs, and mercury (see product specifications for full details)
  • Replace bulky pitchers that take up too much space in your fridge with these easy-to-use and maintain filtration systems
  • Enjoy better water while reducing expensive, wasteful plastic bottles
  • Comfortably store water systems under your sink or on top of your counter
  • Enjoy better water to drink, cook with, brew your coffee and tea with
  • Systems built for convenience, with fewer change outs at an affordable price point

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Our experienced home water experts are trained and trusted to transform your water woes into water that wows.

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Reduce plastic waste with conservation-conscious technology that leaves you - and your water - with a clear conscience.

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Water Education Center


Chlorine In Your Home Water

Beyond the signature taste and odor, the volatile chemical nature of chlorine means it can react and form byproducts. How much chlorine is considered ‘safe’ in your drinking water?


What Are “Forever Chemicals”?

These man-made chemicals, often referred to as ‘forever chemicals’ are just beginning to be understood. PFAS doesn’t easily break down or leave the body, so how can you safeguard against it winding up in your glass of water?

Learn more about common water problems and how to tackle them in our Water Education Center.
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Schedule a Virtual Consultation

Our certified local water experts will work with you virtually to understand your unique water challenges and provide advice on a tailored water solution to fit your family's needs and lifestyle.


Test Your Water

Identify what is in the water in your home and test your water hardness level with the Pentair 16-Point Rapid Water Test.


Talk to a Home Water Expert

Get matched with your custom water solution today. Our home water experts are available Monday - Friday, 8AM - 6PM EST to discuss your home water challenges and questions!

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Comprehensive System Warranty

1-year system, parts and labor coverage.**

**Warranty applies to certified Pentair installs.
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Frequently Asked Quetions

How soon can I get this if I order today?

We ship all in-stock orders the same day when an order is received before 2PM EST. Depending on where you live, the shipment will take up to 7 business days to arrive. You will receive tracking information via the email provided on the order details.

What is the difference between undersink and countertop systems and whole home systems?

Undersink and countertop systems are filtration systems that reduce chemical contaminants and sediment from the faucet where it is installed (point-of-use) whereas a whole home filtration system does the same thing at the point where the water enters the home (point-of-entry), resulting in a higher quality of water throughout the entire home. Undersink and countertop systems are more cost-effective ways to improve your water at individual faucets.

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Get the most from your water when you insist on Pentair and our line of smart, sustainable water treatment solutions. Consider every purchase a win-win: compact water filtration systems fit snugly under the sink or on your kitchen counter while packing a concentrated kick of contaminant reduction.

Our industry-leading undersink and countertop filtration systems aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition: each unique filtration stage is customized to target specific contaminants like lead, chlorine taste and odor, bacteria and viruses, and more. The power of Pentair is in your hands: your water, your way.

At Pentair, we pour every ounce of our passion and energy into creating industry-leading water treatment solutions and technologies that help people, and our planet, thrive. It’s our mission to transform your water woes into water that wows.

Take your home’s water to a happier, healthier place when you choose the high-quality, personalized filtration technology of Pentair. We give your water the VIP treatment with in-person and phone consultations so you can be confident in your choice. That’s seeing the glass as “full-full".

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