Sediment Pre-Filter System

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Sediment Prefilter System

The Pentair Sediment Prefilter System helps protect your water filtration system and home appliances. Stop heavy sediment, dirt, and particulates as small as 5 microns from entering your home filtration system, and improve overall performance. Install as a stand-alone filter if your water concern is sediment. Or, install with a whole home filter system to protect your faucets from clogging, damaging your water-using appliances, and for better, more refreshing water and longer-lasting, more reliable system performance.
  • Cartridge-based sediment filtration system ideal for pre-filtration and dirt and debris reduction throughout the whole home.
  • Reduce sediment down to 5 microns in size (that’s 20x smaller than a human hair!)
  • Filter cartridge lasts up to 9 months, depending on source water, average water use and filter size installed
  • Two sizes to choose from to meet the demands of your home
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Sediment Prefilter System
Sediment Prefilter System
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Item #ImageSystem SizeIncludesWater ProblemEst. Filter LifeInlet/Outlet Connection Size
BB10-P 10" Heavy Duty Heavy duty 10" housing, 5-micron cartridge, wrench, and mounting bracket kit" Sediment/Debris 6-12 months 1"
BB20-P 20" Heavy Duty Heavy duty 20" housing, 5-micron cartridge, wrench, and mounting bracket kit" Sediment/Debris 12 months 1.5"

What’s Included

  • Heavy duty 10” (or 20”) whole-house filter housing
  • (1) 5 micron prefilter
  • Prefilter wrench
  • Rust-free mounting bracket with screws

Recommended for all UV Systems as well as any whole house water filter or whole house water softener system. 


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