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pH Neutralizer System

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Acid Neutralizer Water Filter

Designed to reduce problems associated with acidic water - or water with a low pH - the Pentair Acid Neutralizer Water Filter helps protect against metallic-tasting water, leaks, corroding pipes, shortened water-using appliance lifespan, and blue/green staining on your clothes and sinks. This Acid Neutralizer Water Filter brings your water into balance for optimal, better tasting, and refreshing water.
  • Improve water by neutralizing acidic water
  • Simple and efficient design for low maintenance and a longer service life
  • 2 unique systems available to meet your home’s size and water usage needs
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Acid Neutralizer Water Filter
Acid Neutralizer Water Filter
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Benefits of a pH Neutralizer

Acidic water has a pH level below the neutral point of 7. If your water’s pH is between 6 and 6.9, the water could damage water-using pipes and appliances. Avoid the headaches associated with acidic water with a simple pH neutralizer solution. Increase your water’s alkalinity by filtering it through calcium carbonate media. Install a Pentair pH Neutralizer Water Filter to raise the pH of your acidic water back to optimal levels.

  • Simple, electronic system for easy programming: maintains settings during power outages
  • Automatic bypass for uninterrupted water flow to your home
  • Singular, rotary water control disc means longer life and lower maintenance
  • Port hole for easy media replacement

Reduce Staining


Hassle-Free Maintenance


Improve Appliance Efficiency


Reduce Metallic Taste

How it works

rotary-valve-acid-neutralizer, full length image, transparent background

Acid Neutralization

Occurs when water passes through the media tank that is filled with calcium carbonate media, neutralizing the pH. It reduces the metallic taste from the water, delivering fresh water to the home. The media should be cleaned and reactivated on a regular basis through engaging the backwash cycle in order to keep the mineral bed clean from contamination.


The system will periodically the system will go through a backwashing cycle where water is flushed through the system and up through the media, then discharged to the drain. Backwashing lengthens the life of the media and maintains the performance of the filter.


Backwashing cycles are controlled by the electronic meter on the top of the system’s tank. The backwash cycle can be set to a specified number of days or as the electronic head recognizes that a certain amount of water has been used.



Item #ImageTanksizeFlow Rate {gpm}Media Volume {ft³}Water ExperienceHome Size (number of Bathrooms)Water Problem
35926 10" x 44" 6 1 Blue/Green Staining 1 to 3 Blue/Green Staining
35927 10" x 54" 7 1.5 Blue/Green Staining 4 to 6 Blue/Green Staining

What’s Included

  • pH Neutralizing Tank System with Media
  • Electronic Valve Control
  • Owner’s Manual / Installation Guide

Installation Information

Installation Recommendation: Professional

Location: Indoor/Outdoor. If installing outdoors, this system should not be installed in direct sunlight without the presence of a weather cover accessory (sold separately). System should not be installed in an area that is exposed to freezing temperatures. See Owner’s Manual for details.


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