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Whole House On-Demand Carbon Water Filter System

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Whole House On-Demand Carbon Filter System

The Pentair Whole House On-Demand Carbon Water Filter System is our premium water filter that can reduce chemicals commonly used in municipal drinking water treatment for disinfection - like chlorine - from every tap in your home. The result? More refreshing, better-tasting water flowing through your whole house without chlorine’s signature taste and smell.
  • Carbon filtration can reduce chlorine
  • Three unique models to choose from to meet the demands of your home based on your home size (number of bathrooms)
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Whole House On-Demand Carbon Filter System
Whole House On-Demand Carbon Filter System
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Benefits of a Carbon Water Filter System

Chlorine is commonly used chemicals in municipal drinking water treatment disinfection to kill microbes like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and endospores. Chlorine can leave behind its recognizable foul taste and odor in your drinking water. Or you might also experience dry, itchy skin when you get out of the shower. With a Pentair Whole House On-Demand Carbon Water Filter System, you can receive high performing and long-lasting filter media for peace of mind, with every turn of the tap. This whole home water filter can transform your chlorinated incoming water into chug-worthy, worry-free water without the telltale odor and taste of chlorine.

  • Coconut shell-based carbon for highly effective chlorine reduction and long filter life
  • Automatic bypass for uninterrupted water flow to the home during reactivation
  • Singular, rotary disc seal means less maintenance
  • Simple electronic system for easy programming
  • Maintains settings during power outages

Reduce Chlorine Taste and Odors


Enjoy Softer Skin and Shinier Hair


Better Water With Fewer Byproducts


Enjoy Peace of Mind

How it works

whole house on demand carbon water filter system

Carbon Filtration

Occurs when water passes through the media tank that is filled with activated carbon media. This reduces chlorine in a chemical reaction that oxidizes the carbon surface. It reduces the chlorine taste and odor from the water, delivering fresh water to the home. The carbon media will need to be cleaned and reactivated on a regular basis through engaging the backwash cycle.


Periodically the system will go through a backwashing cycle where water is flushed through the system and up through the media, then discharged to the drain. Backwashing lengthens the life of the media and maintains the performance of the filter.


Backwashing cycles are controlled by the electronic meter on the top of the system’s tank. The backwash cycle can be set to a specified number of days or as the electronic head recognizes that a certain amount of water has been used.

Water Softening Solutions Comparison

  Whole House On-Demand Carbon Water Filter System
Whole House On-Demand Carbon Water Filter System
Carbon Water Filter & Water Softener Combo System
Whole home solution X
Ideal for water coming from city (or municipal) water supply
Ideal for treating well water
Electronically programmable
On-demand water regeneration reduces wastewater
Multiple sizes available for any size home
Indoor/Outdoor Installation
Fiberglass Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Reduces foul taste and odor associated with chlorine X X X
No electricity required to operate   X X
Includes prefilter   X X
Models available to reduce bacteria and microorganisms with UV disinfection
  X X
Neutralizes hard water causing ions, leaving in beneficial minerals
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Item #ImageMedia Volume {ft³}Flow Rate {gpm}Diameter {in}Home Size (number of Bathrooms)Est. Filter LifeWater Problem
35923 1 11.6 10.25 1 to 2 Municipal Water - 60 months Well Water - 12 months Chlorine Taste & Smell
35924 1.5 11.9 10.25 3 to 4 Municipal Water - 60 monthsWell Water - 12 months Chlorine Taste & Smell
35925 2 13.2 12 4 to 6 Municipal Water - 60 months Well Water - 12 months Chlorine Taste & Smell

What’s Included

  • Filtration Tank with Carbon Media System
  • Electronic Valve Control
  • Owner’s Manual / Installation Guide

Installation Information

Installation Recommendation: DIY+ or Professional Installation

Location: Indoor/Outdoor. If installing outdoors, this system should not be installed in direct sunlight without the presence of a weather cover accessory (sold separately). System should not be installed in an area that is exposed to freezing temperatures. See Owner’s Manual for details.


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