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Whole House Tannin Filtration Systems

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Whole House Tannin Filtration System

A yellowish tinge. An earthy, musty smell and taste. These attributes may be great for tea, but they’re red flags for your drinking water. Outfit your home with a Pentair Whole House Tannin Water Filtration System to reduce tannins and improve both the quality and taste of the water in your home. When tannins released from old, decaying vegetation gives your water a distinct, unpleasant sharpness - or leaves stains on your fixtures and clothes, restore your home water's freshness with a Whole House Tannin Filtration System.
  • Reduce tannins up to 3 parts per million (ppm)
  • Enjoy better tasting and smelling water throughout your whole home
  • Reduce yellow staining on your plumbing, water-using appliances, and clothes
  • 2 unique models to choose from to meet the demands of your home based on your water usage
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Whole House Tannin Filtration System
Whole House Tannin Filtration System
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Benefits of a Tannin Filtration System

Tannins can cause yellow-brown discoloration and a musty smell in your drinking water. Don’t compromise on your water quality because you have a private well – with Pentair on your side, you can keep tannins in check. Tannins can often go hand-in-hand with high iron content. If your water contains high iron levels, couple your Whole House Tannin Filtration System with a Whole House Iron Reduction System for the best results. Other features include:

  • Automatically regenerates only when necessary, using less salt, saving time and money
  • Self-cleaning design keeps the system running smoothly with little maintenance
  • Simple, electronic system for easy programming; maintains settings during power outages

Reduce Yellow Staining


Enjoy Better Tasting, Smelling Water


Enjoy Peace of Mind


Save Time & Money

How it works

tannin water filter system, how it works, 35952, 35953


Your water passes through the mineral tank, and the tannin elements get trapped in the negatively-charged anion resin. The brine tank holds a solution of water and salt that replaces these ions with sodium.


During backwashing, the water treatment system reduces the dirt and tannins from the mineral tank and washed down the drain.


The mineral tank is recharged with sodium from the brine tank solution and displaces calcium and magnesium, which is flushed down the drain during the backwashing phase.


The mineral tank is rinsed with fresh water and loads the brine tank so that it is ready for the next cycle.


Recharging cycles are controlled by the electronic meter on the top of the tank. This can be set to recharge every specified number of days or as the electronic head recognizes that a certain amount of water has been used.



35952 1 to 3 Yellow Tint 11.9 18" x 33"
35953 4 to 6 Yellow Tint 13.2 18" x 33"

What's Included

  • Resin Tank with Tannin Reduction Media
  • Brine Tank
  • Electronic Valve Head
  • Owner’s Manual / Installation Guide

Installation Information

Installation Recommendation: Professional

Location: Indoor/Outdoor. If installing outdoors, this system should not be installed in direct sunlight without the presence of a weather cover accessory (sold separately). System should not be installed in an area that is exposed to freezing temperatures.


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