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Pentair Hydromatic SKHD150 High-Head Cast Iron Effluent Pump

Generates high heads for bigger drain fields.


  • Two (2) Carbon/Ceramic Type 21 Mechanical Seals Mounted in Tandem
  • Oil-Filled Motor with Automatic Reset Thermal Overload for Maximum Protection (single-phase models)
  • Upper & Lower Ball Bearing Construction
  • Piggyback Plug Available for Easy Maintenance and Switch Replacement
  • Optional Seal Failure Probe Warns of Seal Leak
  • Capacitor Start for Increased Starting Torque (single-phase models)


12 months from date of purchase or 18 months from date of manufacture, whichever comes first.

Performance Curves

PerformanceCurves_High-Head 1/2 HP Effluent PumpsHigh-Head Effluent Pump 1-1/2 HP Cast Iron, 2" NPT Discharge, 3/4" Solids Handling