CSW-10 Carbon Block Wrap Filter

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CSW-10 Carbon Block Wrap Filter

Wrap ScaleStick(R) (SSW-10) is specially designed to be used with a carbon block filter wrap (CWS-10) to combine sediment filtration, chlorine reduction and scale control. The CWS-10 is designed to fit over and around the Wrap ScaleStick(R) and is sold separately. The CWS-10m integral feed cartridge is unaffected by high temperatures, permitting a wide variety of applications and:

  • Adds sediment and carbon filtration capabilities to Wrap ScaleStick(R), which provides scale and corrosion control
  • Features Hydroblend™ compound, a unique blend that inhibits mineral scale deposits 
  • Dispenses a controlled amount of Hydroblend™ for long-term protection and provides greater effectiveness than standard phosphate treatments 
  • Its translucency allows simple visual monitoring of product usage and ensures against wasteful premature cartridge replacement 
  • NOTE: Filter Wraps are not to be used in hot water feed applications. If inlet feed water temperature is above 125°F a hot water housing must be used.
  • The ScaleStick(R) trademark is used pursuant to an agreement between PWC Enterprises and Pentair Filtration Solutions, LLC.


  • Chlorine reduction
  • Sediment reduction
  • Scale control
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