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Better than bottled.

Pentair helps employers ensure pure, clean-tasting water is always on hand for their team members. From filtered water and ice, to a favorite coffee, tea, soup, our solutions produce refreshments in a manner that’s greener and more cost-effective than traditional bottled water service.


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Common Office Cofee & Water Topics & Solutions

Find the right product for your needs, including Bacteria Reduction, Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction, Deliming, and more.

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Choose the right solution for your application - anywhere, anytime - using this user friendly, web-based product selection tool.

total water management

We don't just offer products. We make running foodservice operations easier with our unique and innovative water management services.

pentair partners program

Pentair Partners is a rewards platform which provides its members sales incentives and marketing tools designed to help grown their foodservice business.

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Office Coffee & Water

Pentair is your Office Coffee & Water Service (OCS) water treatment partner. We work with you to create a premium water program for your customers to help them save money over costly bottled water service. Plus, high quality ingredient water always sell more coffee and related supplies, increasing your profits.