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Pentair Myers P50 & P100 Cast Iron Effluent S.T.E.P. Pumps

The Myers P series effluent pumps are designed specifically for multi-pump pressure collection, septic tank effluent pumping (S.T.E.P.) and high head drainage applications. The high efficiency, single-vane, enclosed impellers provide steep, non-overloading performance curves, which are ideal for these applications. These pumps deliver more capacity at higher heads than most pumps in this class. The combination of the most rugged materials ensure years of trouble-free, dependable service.

  • P Series effluent pumps are designed for years of maintenance-free operation
  • Single-vane, enclosed impeller provides steep, non-overloading performance curve for pressure collection and ST.E.P. systems; outperforms most pumps in its class
  • Enclosed impeller eliminates the possibility of jamming or corrosion between impeller and volutePasses 3/4" spherical solids
  • Durable motor will deliver many years of reliable service
  • Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication
  • High-torque, permanent split capacitor (PSC), single-phase motors; no starting switches or relays to wear out
  • Double tandem seal configuration for extra motor protection, tough effluent pumping applications
  • Optional seal leak probes warn of seal leak condition; helps prevent costly motor damage
  • On-winding current and temperature-sensitive overload to protect against costly burnout
  • Volute seal ring is replaceable; restores pump to original performance if wear should occur
  • Motor is held in place by 4 screws; easily removed if service is ever needed