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Pentair Sta-Rite HS Series Stainless Steel 4" Submersible Pump

Precision-engineered, high-quality, rugged stainless steel HS series pumps deliver efficient, dependable, performance even in rough, aggressive water.


  • SignaSeal staging system incorporates a harder-than-sand ceramic wear surface and a floating impeller design - which together literally pulverize sand and small debris. This proven feature reduces lock-ups, dry-runs, and abrasive wear.
  • Floating Stage Design is engineered to transmit forces away from the motor bearing and through the pump housing. This reduces premature wear and misalignment.
  • Fully-Enclosed Shaft Bearing creates a pressure zone that prevents sand & water from entering. Eliminates wear and misalignment.
  • Wear Ring forms a seal between impeller hub and suction cap for low friction and no unwanted recirculation of water.
  • Corrosion resistant 300 grade stainless steel discharge for durability in aggressive water.
  • Large octagon wrench area for ease of installation.
  • 50 GPM series does not include motor.


1-year limited warranty

Performance Curves

PerformanceCurves_4" Submersible, Stainless Steel, 1/2 thru 10 HP, 2- & 3-Wire