Pentair Myers WG20F Centrifugal Grinder Vortex Impeller Pumps

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Pentair Myers WG20F Centrifugal Grinder Vortex Impeller Pumps

The Myers WG20F series are a rugged 2 horsepower submersible centrifugal grinder pumps designed for residential, light commercial or industrial applications. It is especially suited for use in pressure sewer applications or in systems with long discharge runs or high static heads. The WG20F Series features a patented cutter mechanism and recessed impeller design to efficiently grind typical domestic sewage solids into a fine slurry.

  • Pressure to 105 feet of head and flows of 70 GPM. Standard or high flow designs.
  • Recessed impeller provides steep non-overloading operating curve.
  • Oil-filled motor for max. heat dissipation and constant bearing lubrication.
  • Recessed impeller reduces radial bearing loads, increases bearing life.
  • High torque capacitor starts single phase motor for assured starting under heavy load.
  • Seal moisture sensor warns of leak condition, prevents costly motor damage.
  • On-winding temperature-sensitive sensor.
  • Shredding ring and grinding impeller are replaceable without dismantling pump or motor.
  • Warranty - Note: Call for information
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Item #Horsepower
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