Water Softeners and Conditioners

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Why Water Softeners?

Soft Water Made Simple

Stop hard water from wreaking havoc in your home. Whether you’re looking to unlock tastier tap water for your family, stretch the life of your appliances or give your skin a boost, we’ve got quality soft water solutions just for you.

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Less cleaning.
More compliments

Enjoy spot-free dishes that dazzle and load upon load of clean, comfy laundry. While driving scale build-up way down.

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Helps Protect Appliances

Nothing's sweeter than a long-lasting, high performing water heater. Or dishwasher. Or washing machine. Enjoy them all.

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Softer Skin,
Shinier Hair

10 out of 10 mirrors agree: The benefits of having soft water in your home are beautiful. And bountiful.


Experience the Pentair Water Solutions Difference

  • Unrivaled home water expertise
  • Tailored Solutions for each customers' needs
  • Seamless, on-stop-shop experience

A Refreshingly Smart Choice

Water Softeners vs. Salt-Free Water Softener Alternatives

The term "water softener" is used to describe a group of products that can help, you guessed it, soften hard water. As blatantly basic as that sounds, it’s actually really important to understand and appreciate. Because hard water – that is, water with a measurably high mineral content – often causes scaling and appliance damage. Soft water systems deal with hard water in various ways, from exchanging mineral ions with sodium ions to creating a softer feel and preventing scale buildup while retaining healthful minerals.

Pentair Water Solutions offers two types of VIP water treatment systems for hard water: Water Softeners and Salt-Free Water Softener Alternatives. Let’s compare...

Water Education Center

Tap Into Our Water Wisdom

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If you’re wondering what havoc hard water can cause to your home and appliances, we’ve got the answers to this hard water question and more.


What is Hard Water?

Washing Dishes

Do you know how often to test your well water for bacteria and other contaminants? Learn what types of water tests will best capture your well water quality.

Educate Me

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Water is vital to the health of our bodies, playing a role in everything from cell creation and temperature regulation to oxygen delivery.

Five Benefits

There's more to learn about your water in the Water Education Center.