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Endurance® E Series Bowl Kit

Everpure T9 Upgrade Systems (released between 1995-2005) have attached prefilter housings and Everpure IMF Scale Inhibitor (ScaleStick®) Housings that may be difficult to remove due to rust or soldering. Replacement parts are not available for these systems and the manifold could become damaged during removal of the left prefilter and right IMF heads.

The solution for SR-X T9 Systems (2001-2005) and contemporary High Flow CSR Systems (2005-today)? Use the Everpure E-Series Bowl Kit.

  • Instead of removing the E-20 prefilter and SR-X heads, replace the clear bowls with opaque 10" Everpure E-Series Bowls and insert a 10" Everpure E110 Cartridge in both housings.
  • These kits will allow the incoming water to properly flow through the system.
  • Change the E110 Cartridges on the normal change-out cycle with the Everpure SEN Fibredyne Fine Filters, Everpure PolyForm™ Microfilter Pleated Pretreatment Cartridge and the 2SR-BW Scale Inhibitor Cartridge.