Eltek Water Block

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Eltek Water Block

The Eltek® Water Block is a unique, overflow safety device that offers office flood prevention for about the cost of an air pot beverage dispenser.

It is ideal for POU coolers, water chillers and heaters, coffee brewers, vending machines, ice machines and more. Distributed by Pentair®, the Water Block does not require external energy to operate. Water simply flows through it and, if the water volume exceeds the preset value, the Water Block automatically stops the flow.

25 Pack.


  • Automatically shuts off if preset volume is exceeded.
  • Automatically resets if water volume preset is not exceeded (this function requires the optional Water Block Reset Device).
  • Features a 10-position dial to set maximum flow volume to meet your specific needs.
  • Requires no external energy source to operate.
  • Is not recommended for reverse osmosis (RO) or ice flaker installation as an RO system, by nature, can produce permeate water for long periods of time which will unnecessarily “activate” the Water Block.
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