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Pentair Product Warranties Give You Even More Peace of Mind

You've always been able to count on the quality and long service life of Pentair products. Pentair uses state of the art workmanship, materials and manufacturing processes to create the most innovative pool and spa equipment anywhere. And now Pentair products can deliver even more value and peace of mind, because Pentair offers extended warranty coverage on select products that are installed by a qualified installer*.


Submit your product warranty registration card for your new Pentair product.


Download the product warranty card for more information. 

While the majority of Pentair products are covered by a sixty- (60) day warranty, a select number of products qualify for extended warranty coverage.

Select Bundled Products: applies to purchases and qualified installation of a minimum of a pump and filter, and one or more of the following: heaters, heat pumps, control systems, automatic cleaners, lighting, salt chlorine generators or UV sterilizer** 

*Note: Qualified Installer - Defined as a licensed professional who charges a fee for his services, and possesses a business license, contractor's license and/or resale permit. Common examples of a "qualified installer" include: Swimming Pool, Home Repair or Landscape Professional; Plumber or Electrician; General Contractor; Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist.

**Note: Bundled products - must be purchased on the same invoice and installed at the same time. If any product within a bundle is ineligible for the bundled warranty coverage then all products within the same bundle will be disqualified from receiving the three (3) year extended warranty coverage for bundled products.

TradeGrade products must be purchased from a retail store (brick & mortar), pool builder or pool service company to receive a one-year, two-year or three-year warranty. If purchased online will only receive a sixty-day limited warranty. View the list of TradeGrade Products.

Ecommerce (EC) products: Products purchased from an Authorized Pentair Online Reseller (products beginning with EC-) receive a one (1) year (parts only) warranty from the date of purchase. The exceptions are: IntelliChlor cells and IntelliFlo SVRS pumps which receive a two (2) year warranty. EC products are not eligible for the bundled three (3) year extended warranty.

^Labor Costs are not covered outside of US/Canada

SunTouch® Solar and SolarTouch® Control Systems 3 Years
Automation equipment, excluding SunTouch® Solar and SolarTouch® Control Systems 1 Year
IntelliConnect™ 1 Year
IntelliCenter® 1 Year
IntelliLevel™ 1 Year
IntelliSync™ 1 Year  
Filters 2 Years
ETi® 250 High-Efficiency Pool and Spa Heater 3 Years Parts & Labor
ETi® 400 High-Efficiency Heater
3 Years Parts & Labor
UltraTemp ETi® Hybrid Heater 3 Years Parts & Labor
Heaters 2 Years
Heat Pumps    
UltraTemp® Heat Pumps 2 Years Parts & Labor
Compressor 10 Years Parts & Labor
Titanium Heat Exchanger Lifetime
Light Bulbs Sixty (60) days
Lights 1 Year
IntelliBrite® 5G White LED Light 2 Years
IntelliBrite® 5G Color LED Pool Lights 1 Year
Color Sync™ Controller 1 Year
2 Years
GloBrite® LED Lights 1 Year
Single and Dual Speed Pumps 1 Year
Single-Phase, TEFC Super Duty Pumps 2 Years
SVRS Pumps 2 Years
SuperFlo® VS, SuperFlo® VST and SuperMax® VS Variable Speed Pumps 2 Years
WhisperFlo VST(#011533) 2 Years
IntelliFlo (#011018, #011028, #011059, #011060 and IntelliPro (#P6E6VS4H-209, #013028) 2 Years
IntelliFlo 2 VST (#011055) and IntelliPro 2 VST (#013001) 3 Years
IntelliFlo VSF (#011056) and IntelliFloXF VSF (#022056) 3 Years
IntelliPro VSF (#013004) and IntelliProXF VSF (#023056) 3 Years
IntelliFlo3™ VSF 3HP (#011075, #011076)  3 Years
IntelliPro3™ VSF 3HP (#013075, #013076) 3 Years
BioShield® UV Disinfection Sanitizer 2 Years
BioShield Sanitizer Quartz Sleeve only 1 Year
IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator (without Power Center) 2 Years  
iChlor™ Salt Chlorine Generator - Bundle with Power Supply and Cell (iChlor 15 and iChlor 30) 3 Years
iChlor Salt Chlorine Generator (without Power Center) 3 Years  
White Goods / Water Features / Valves    
White Goods and Water Features and Valves 1 Year
Maintenance Equipment / Replacement Parts    
Maintenance Equipment and Replacement Parts Sixty (60) Days (with exception of motors)   
Single-Phase, TEFC Super Duty Replacement Motors 2 Years
All Other Replacement Pump Motor and Pump Drives 1 Year
Aboveground Systems    
Aboveground Systems 1 Year  
Cleaners (Automatic cleaners purchased in the USA from entities outside the USA do not qualify for any warranty)    
Tires, Rollers, Brushes, Climbing Rings, Cartridge Fillers Sixty (60) days  
Suction Seal, Foot Pad, Wings, Bumper, Strap, Seal Flaps 1 Year  
Legend and Legend II Inground Cleaner 1 Year  
Racer® Inground Cleaners 1 Year  
Platinum™ Inground Cleaner 1 Year  
Warrior® Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
Lil Rebel™ Aboveground Cleaner 2 Years  
Tires, Rollers (Rebel, Warrior and Lil Rebel only) 90 days  
Dorado® Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
Kreepy Krauly® Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
Kruiser™ Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
Great White® Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
Racer LS® Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
Rebel® Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
SandShark™ Inground Cleaner 2 Years  
Prowler® 820 and Prowler 830 Inground Cleaners 2 Years  
Prowler® 910, 920 and Prowler 930 Inground Cleaners 2 Years  
All products installed in commercial applications receive a one (1) year warranty unless stated otherwise below.  For warranty purposes, a commercial facility is defined as any facility other than a single family dwelling.
ACU-TROL AK Color and Accessories 1 Year
ACU-TROL Commercial Controllers 5 Years
ACU-TROL Commercial IntelliChem pH or ORP Probes 2 Years
ACU-TROL Electronic Modules 5 Years
IntelliChem Commercial Chemical Controller 2 Years
IntelliChlor (CIC60P & CIC60S) Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator (w/o power center) 2 Years or 15,000 operative hours (whichever comes first)
ETi® 400 High-Efficiency Heater 3 Years
UltraTemp ETi® Hybrid Heater 3 Years
Heat Pumps 2 years parts & labor
IntelliBrite 5g WHITE Lights 2 Years
STARK Commercial Filters 15 Years tank (prorated years 4-15); 3 Years internals/valves/contollers
THS Series Commercial Filters 10 Years tank (prorated years 4-10); 3 Years internals/valves/controllers
WhisperFloXF/Max-E-ProXF Variable Speed 5HP Pump 2 Years
Acu Drive XS Variable Speed Drive 1 Year unless extended warranty (3 or 6 Years) purchased
All Other Commercial Products 1 year subject to TradeGrade requirements if applicable
Ecommerce (EC) Products  1 Year (IntelliChlor cells and IntelliFlo SVRS pumps
receive a two (2) year warranty)

Exceptions that may result in denial of a warranty claim:

  1. Damage caused by careless handling, improper repackaging, or shipping.
  2. Damage due to misapplication, misuse, abuse or failure to operate equipment as specified in the owner's manual.
  3. Damage caused by failure to install products as specified in the owner's manual.
  4. Damage due to unauthorized product modifications or failure to use Pentair original replacement parts.
  5. Damage caused by negligence, or failure to properly maintain products as specified in the owner's manual.
  6. Damage caused by failure to maintain water chemistry in conformity with the standards of the swimming pool industry for any length of time.
  7. Damage caused by water freezing inside the product.
  8. Accidental damage, fire, acts of God, or other circumstances outside the control of Pentair.
  9. Please see warranty card for commercial exceptions.
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