ETi 400 & ETi 250 High Efficiency Pool & Spa Heaters

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The ETi 400 and ETi 250 offer blazing-fast heat-up times and feature the exclusive TitanTough™ Direct-Fire Titanium Heat Exchanger, which can deliver long-lasting performance for years of reliable, trustworthy warmth for your pool. With two sizes available to suit any pool, the heaters have simplified installation features and multiple options for gas line connection. The heaters also have up to 96% thermal efficiency*, so for every dollar of natural gas you spend, up to 96 cents go directly into heating your pool.

The ETi 400 and ETi 250 help warm up your pool water for whatever fun activities you have in store: the intense rounds of Marco Polo, the impromptu pool parties with friends and families, the late-night swims, and so much more.

*The ETi 400 is 96% efficient. The ETi 250 is 94% efficient when operated on natural gas and is 96% efficient when operated on propane with available conversion kit.

Pool with sand colored panel and black molding and steel exhaust
Pool heater at angle with touch screen and nozzles visibile

Shivers Say Goodbye, Heat Say Hello

With the ETi 400 and ETi 250 high efficiency heaters, say goodbye to those icy pool shivers and hello to cozy temperatures year round. Heating options are available to suit any pool or spa, allowing you to have the warm and inviting backyard oasis of your dreams.

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