Lifeguard Towers & Chairs

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Keep your swimmers safe by providing lifeguards with maximum visibility with a lifeguard tower or chair from Pentair. Our Paragon lifeguard stations come in different styles and have options meaning you can select the best lifeguard tower for your facility.

Our Griff's Guard Station® products are designed to provide an elevated platform that provides improved visibility of the surroundings. These lifeguard stations feature a non-skid surface for added safety and easy access to and from the water. 

If your facility is tight on space, our lifeguard stations have options! Many of our lifeguard towers offer side ladders, others that are installed at the very edge of the pool and are also portable, meaning they can be easily rolled or moved into a different location as needed.

To get started with a customized plan for your lifeguard towers, contact our Paragon customer service team today via email at or call 845-463-7200.

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