Paragon Paraflyte Lifeguard Chairs

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Paragon Paraflyte Lifeguard Chairs

All Paraflyte chairs have a platform height of 4'6", a seat height of 6'0" above the deck, and are supported by a stainless steel flanged pedestal which is set back 3'0" from the pool wall. The ladder at side is set back 3' 1-5/8" from the pool wall. Combination ladder risers and guard rails are .065" wall x 1.90" diameter, Type 304 stainless steel, polished to a 320 grit finish.

Platform height of 4 ft. 6 in. above deck and seat height of 6 ft. above deck

Paraflyte Ladder at Rear

  • Recommended for General Use
  • Rear ladder with flared guard rails for easy access
  • Horizontal rails also serve as arm rests.
  • Ultraflyte Chair has .145" SS wall rails
  • Superflyte Chair has .065" SS wall rails   

Paraflyte Ladder Sides

  • Two access ladders provide dismounts from either side
  • Multiple guards can each stand in an elevated position for surveillance
  • Horizontal rails also serve as arm rests.

Paraflyte Club

  • Acclaimed Paraflyte styling and quality
  • Single anchor supports entire chair
  • Vertical access ladder requires less deck space
  • Pedestal Anchor furnished
  • Horizontal rails also serve as arm rests

Paraflyte OSHA Chair

  • Designed to comply with federal OSHA requlations
  • Guard rails 42 in. above the platform and extend to front
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