Max-E-ProXF® Variable Speed Pump

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Max-E-ProXF® Variable Speed Pool Pump

A Variable Speed Pool Pump for Commercial Pools

The Max-E-ProXF VS Commercial Pump is the first five-horsepower variable speed pool pump that runs on single-phase or three-phase power. It’s an economical, combined motor/drive solution for both HMAC (hotel, motel, apartment, condominium) or large residential installations. TheMax-E-ProXF VS Commercial Pump provides sophisticated, energy-saving pump technology without the high costs typically associated with independent pump/external drive setups.

  • Integrated 5HP motor/drive; no expensive external drive required.
  • Versatile power input capability; runs off a wide range of single- or three-phase power.
  • Speed or flow control for maximum efficiency and pool performance*.
  • External control capability through automation systems or relays.
  • Intuitive programming and operation. 
  • Meets commercial codes and agency requirements.
  • 2 year warranty
  • WEF: 5.0 THP: 5.0

Pumps and replacement motors that are single speed and one (1) Total HP or greater cannot be sold, offered for sale, or installed in a residential pool for filtration use in California, Title 20 CCR sections 1601-1609.

* When connected to Pentair’s inline 4-20mA flowmeter for 3” plumbing (P/N 97014-4203KIT– sold separately), or similar 4-20mA flowmeters, this pump is capable of maintaining a constant flow based on the needs of your pool system. To connect the flowmeter and pump, the digital input cable provided in the External Control Wiring Kit (P/N 353129Z– sold separately) is required.

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Why Slower is Better

What's the secret to minimizing pump energy costs? Operate at the lowest speed needed to accomplish a job. It takes far less energy to move water slowly than quickly. Why? Because there’s lower resistance in the filter, accessories and plumbing system. Even with only modest pump speed reductions, the effect on electricity usage can be dramatic. In fact, reducing pump motorspeed by 25% actually reduces the power needed by 58% of what’s consumed at the higher speed. 

motor speed vs consumption chart

Compare the Savings


Annual Energy Use

Annual Electric Cost @ $.16/kWh

Annual Savings*

Traditional Single Speed Pump

27,681 kWh



Max-E-ProXF VS Commercial Pump**

13,276 kWh



*Actual savings may vary based on local utility rates, pool size, run time, pump rpm, plumbing size/length and service and other hydraulic factors. Example reflects savings for an avg. 30,000 gallon commercial pool operating 24hrs/day at a flow rate sufficient to perform a min. 6hr turnover.

** WEF: 5.0 THP: 5.0

Dimensional Drawings & Performance Curves

dimension drawings and performance curves


Item #DescriptionVoltage
023035Max-E-ProXF VS Pump208-230/277-460V single-phase.; 208-460V three-phase
Item #DescriptionVoltage
023035Max-E-ProXF VS Pump208-230/277-460V single-phase.; 208-460V three-phase

'UL' indicates that pump bears a UL mark signifying evaluation to U.S. Standards UL1081 for Permanently Connected Swimming Pool and Spa Pumps and to Canadian Standards CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 108-01 Liquid Pumps for Swimming Pools Only (Enclosure 3).

'NSF' Indicates that pumps bears NSF mark signifying evaluation to NSF Standard 50 for Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs.
Product may have been evaluated to other state and local regulatory standards. Listing status may change. Always confirm status with appropriate agency if in doubt.

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