Inground Pool Cleaners

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Whether you're looking for the thorough cleaning of a pressure-side inground pool cleaner, the simplicity of a suction-side cleaner, or the convenience of a robotic cleaner, Pentair makes an automatic pool cleaner for inground pools for you. Each automatic inground pool cleaner is designed to be durable, efficient and to keep your pool clean so that you can spend more time enjoying it!

Different inground pool cleaners work best for different types of pools. When selecting an inground pool cleaner for your pool, consider the size of your pool, the types of debris you commonly experience, and the features you're looking for in a cleaner. Additionally, many of Pentair's automatic inground pool cleaners have the Eco Select® Brand designation, making them an eco-friendly, energy-saving choice.

Pentair's inground pool cleaners are easy to install and manage. Robotic pool cleaners for inground pools need to be plugged in and placed into the pool. Then they're ready to clean. If your swimming pool accumulate a lot of leaves and debris, then a powerful pressure-side cleaner is right for you. If you need help finding the right inground pool cleaner for your pool, use our dealer locator to find someone near you!

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