Suction Pool Cleaners

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Suction-side pool cleaners are great for all pool types. Suction pool cleaners attach right into your skimmer or a dedicated vacuum line and are affordable, easy to operate and simple to maintain. With a variety of suction pool cleaners for both aboveground and inground pools, you're sure to find the perfect cleaner to meet your needs.

Pentair offers dependable designs with one moving part for years of reliable cleaning at an affordable price. Our suction pool cleaners feature enhanced maneuverability, deep scrubbing action and are less likely to clog. You can expect a sparkling clean pool all summer long. 

A suction-side pool cleaner by Pentair is sure to deliver all the benefits you're looking for. So review the different suction pool cleaners Pentair has to offer. Then find a pool professional near you to buy your suction-side pool cleaner today. 

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