5 Daylight Savings Time Maintenance Tips

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Daylight Savings Time starts on March 8th, which means spring is just around the corner. While many of us are ready to dig out of the winter blues and embrace some sun and fun by the pool, it’s important to start a maintenance routine with your pool, even if it’s not warm enough to dive in yet. Longer days, increased amount of sunlight and warming temperatures mean you need to pay more attention to pool maintenance.

Here are 5 Daylight Savings Time maintenance tips for your pool, so it will be ready when you are:

man cleaning pool

1. Clean Up the Pool Deck

Start your spring maintenance by cleaning up your pool deck. This includes any trees, shrubs or bushes that have grown out of shape or into your poolscape during the winter months. Trim back bushes and shrubs. Rake up excess pine straw. Remove any limbs that may have fallen or are hanging over your pool area. This will minimize the amount of debris that goes into your pool and pool deck during the spring and as you’re opening your pool to enjoy!

2. Clean the Pool Cover

In addition to cleaning your pool deck, it’s important to remember to clean your pool cover too! Removing all the debris and dirt from the pool cover helps minimize the chance they’ll enter your pool water when the cover is removed. Once you’ve officially opened your pool, clean your pool cover completely before storing it so it’ll be ready for next winter.

3. Balance Your Water

As daylight hours increase, any bacteria and algae spores that have been dormant in your pool water during the colder, winter months will begin to multiply. The warmer temperatures and sunlight trigger this growth and it’s important to stay ahead of it. Test and balance your pool’s water chemistry. Add chemicals or shock, as needed, to optimize the effectiveness of the chemicals.

4. Scrub the Pool Interior

After you have balanced the water chemistry, make sure the water stays clear by cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool. Make sure to scrub any extra dirty or trouble spots with a brush prior to using a robotic pool cleaner to vacuum up the debris.

Using a robotic pool cleaner, like the Prowler® 920 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner will help minimize the amount of work you’re doing while maximizing your clean – all the way to the tile line!

5. Inspect Your Pool

Last, but certainly not least, take advantage of the warmer weather and longer daylight hours to make sure your pool is ready for spring. Inspect ladders, rails, steps, plugs and other fixtures for broken hardware, chipped surfaces or loose fittings. If you find anything that needs to be repaired, contact your local pool professional right away for assistance!  

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