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Hydromatic offers engineered submersible solids handling pumps, self-primers and grinder pumps for the municipal, commercial and industrial global markets. Hydromatic residential products include a wide range of sewage, sump, and effluent pumps & accessories for residential use. 

Commercial Pumps

The wide range of Hydromatic quality pumps and package systems provide all-inclusive solutions that meet or exceed the needs of today’s complex wastewater customers.

Municipal Pumps

Hydromatic produces wastewater submersible solids handling pumps to efficiently transport sewage for large municipal applications.

Residential Water Disposal Pumps

Hydromatic offers a wide range of sump, effluent, sewage and utility pumps and accessories for residential use.

An Established, Proven History

Hydromatic has been a national leader in the wastewater pump industry since 1959. Today, Hydromatic continues to design and manufacture one of the most extensive and diversified lines of submersible wastewater sump, sewage, effluent, grinder and large solids handling pumps for the municipal, commercial and residential wholesaler market sectors. We market our products to the professional, exclusively—a business philosophy we’ve proudly maintained in our nearly half century of continuing leadership.

Engineered to Last

Comprehensive engineering, testing and production processes ensure that Hydromatic pumps will continue to be the most reliable and efficient in the wastewater industry. R&D, customer-certified testing and unmatched quality assurance standards give you the confidence that our pump installations will give your customers the performance they demand. Our commitment is to provide advanced engineering innovations for you and your business. It also guarantees Hydromatic pumps will perform as dependably and reliably in the future as they have for years.

Our Timeline

"PUMP FIRM GOING STRONG” was the headline carried by a local newspaper in January 1959, just four months after Hydromatic went into production.

The new company, abounding with enthusiasm and the convictions of its founders, produced 100 pumps a day. At that time, Hydromatic employed ten production personnel, one office person and occupied 5,000 square feet of floor space.

As the years passed, Hydromatic established itself as a recognized pump manufacturer, achieving increasing distribution and sales. From its beginning in a old highway garage in Hayesville, Ohio, Hydromatic grew from a one-model column sump pump manufacturer to a producer of a variety of pumps for use in the water pollution field.

With exploding sales and the demand for more sophisticated pumps and control equipment, Hydromatic’s course was clear. In 1962, Hydromatic grew to 50,000 square feet of manufacturing ten times the size of the original plant. Increased capacity required more personnel to operate the young firm and 200 additional employees came to man the torches, lathes, assembly lines and the office.

In August 1969, after recognizing Hydromatic’s vast potential, Weil-McLain Company, Inc. acquired the pump company. Hydromatic's new owners weren’t disappointed. Business increased so much that four years later, pressed for additional manufacturing and office space, Hydromatic constructed a new $3.0 million facility in Ashland.

The 250,000 square foot manufacturing and office area, situated on a 25-acre site, provided Hydromatic considerable expansion room. Completed in late 1973, the plant was in full production in January of 1974.

Marley entered Hydromatic’s history in 1980 when it purchased Wylain, Inc. of Dallas, Texas (a corporate identity formed by Weil-McLain) and all its subsidiaries which included both Hydromatic and Red Jacket. In 1981 Hydromatic and Red Jacket merged to form The Marley Pump Company, creating a broader and more coordinated base to satisfy product demands and achieve desired growth.

In January 1989, Hydromatic was purchased by the Aurora Pump Company, a unit of General Signal. Along with the acquisitions of Fairbanks Morse and Layne Bowler, this formed the General Signal Pump Group. This union lasted until August 1998 when the General Signal Pump Group was purchased by Pentair, Inc. out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Hydromatic expects to continually improve its products and processes to better serve our customers needs. Our future depends on building quality products.

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