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Pool Heat Pump Calculator

Find out how much you could save by switching to one of our pool heat pumps.

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Statements of heater/heat pump performance are based on estimates. Actual performance may vary and is not guaranteed. Estimates for heat-up time and temperatures are based on operation in a controlled environment. Real-world operational results may vary due to various factors and variables, including, but not limited to, environmental conditions, geography, elevation, seasonality, weather, wind, sun exposure, humidity, precipitation. Other factors of the pool that may impact heating performance include design and configuration, volume/size, orientation, R-value of construction materials, plumbing length/materials, operating conditions and more. Pentair recommends consulting a pool professional for assistance with heater/heat pump sizing for specific locations and environmental/operational conditions.

All statements of savings are estimates compared to a gas heater operating under the same parameters used in heat pump estimations and inputs made by the user. Actual savings may vary and are not guaranteed. All utility rates are estimates for the user selected location and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Users should adjust utility rates to known rates for their local area if known to improve estimation accuracy.

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