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Pool automation. a.k.a., your on-demand oasis

If you could control any parts of your pool, which parts would you pick? Whatever comes to mind, enter the world of pool automation. Nothing simplifies and enhances a pool owner’s life more than having remote, confident control of their pool.

Simply put, automation is defined as the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services. And that’s exactly what pool automation does: gives you the ability to monitor and control select products on your pool, giving you total control over your pool ownership experience. Traditional interfaces include pool/spa side remotes and indoor control panels, but recent technology has allowed pool automation to become even better…giving you complete control from a mobile app, web app or web portal.

What exactly can I control?

Different pool automation solutions will allow you to control different things, so it’s important that you identify what exactly you are hoping to achieve with your automation system before you shop. But, in general, pool automation can be as simple as one body of water and one product - or as complex – multiple bodies of water with all of the bells and whistles, features and functions.

So how do I choose the right automation solution for me?

Identify Your Fav Automation Feature First. Pool automation solutions can range from just the basics to every bell & whistle. So it’s important to first know which feature you put at the top of the pool automation pecking order. Scheduling? Remote control of your heater, pumps, lights? Water quality management? Perhaps a utility sponsored energy efficiency program is driving your decision. Whatever the case, Pentair has a pool automation solution that will put you in the driver’s seat...and a lounge chair.

Where does Pentair play in the pool automation game?

A suite so sweet. Pentair has a pool automation solution for your every desire. Pump-only control? Check. Water chemistry monitor? Check. Heater? Check. Lights, waterfalls, laminars? Check. Check. Check.

Speaking of checks, check out the table below for a framework of what Pentair automation solutions can do for you.

  IntelliCenter IntelliTouch EasyTouch EasyTouch Lite IntelliConnect IntelliSync
App/Platform Intellicenter
Pentair Home App Pentair Home App
# of Relays
40 38 4, 8 4 2 0
Pool/Spa Combo Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
OTA Yes No No No Yes Yes
Color Lights 20 12 8 4 2 0
Water Features (via valves) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
# of Heaters 2+ 2 1 1 1 0
Voice Control Yes No No No No No

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