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Pentair has a wide selection of pool control systems to put the power in your hands. Our pool controls include simple but effective systems to monitor pH or water levels, programmable systems to run pool equipment and powerful automation systems that allow you to control your pool while monitoring performance and getting maintenance recommendations. Regardless of your pool type, Pentair has a pool control system for you. 

Each pool control gives you the convenience you want and the simple control to make pool ownership easier than ever. Additionally, most pool remote control systems work with a variety of mobile devices. This allows you to check your pool status from anywhere and manage its features. If you aren’t interested in mobile control, a pool control panel can be installed at your home for easy pool control.

With Pentair pool controls you can adjust your pool lighting, water features and more at the touch of a button.Take control of your pool today with a Pentair pool control system. Find a pool professional near you to determine which pool control is best for your pool. 

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