Color LED Pool Lights

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Give your pool an upgrade from its traditional pool lights with brilliant color LED pool lighting from Pentair! LED pool light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, saving energy and money. Additionally, LED pool light bulbs typically last longer than traditional pool lights. 

Pentair's LED pool lights add elegant, colorful hues to your swimming pool or spa. They feature five fixed colors and seven dazzling, pre-programmed light shows. The swimming pool LED lights by Pentair are a perfect for highlighting steps and Baja shelves.

Some Pentair LED pool lights, like the MicroBrite™ LED Color & White LED Light do not require a niche. The MicroBrite allows you to add amazing colors almost anywhere in your pool! 

Pentair's LED pool lights are compatible with many Pentair automation systems and controllers. With automation, controlling and synchronizing color LED pool lights is a breeze.

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