3 Ways to Keep Your Pool Water Healthy and Safe

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For many people, summertime brings thoughts and memories about jumping into the pool, filled with the most amazing crystal clear water or enjoying time with family and friends poolside! However, pool water isn’t always as clean as it looks. For many swimmers already this summer, the local pool has been the source of a major Crypo outbreak.

Crypto, or Cryptosporidium, is a fecal parasite that can cause major health issues for adults and is resistant to chlorine. If parasites like Crypto can live in your pool water without you knowing, what are you supposed to do? Here are three ways to help you keep your pool water healthy and safe for summers:

girl thrown into pool by dad

1. Education

Like in sports, the key to any good defense is a good offense, meaning you need to know how Crypto is spread. Crypto is spread in swimming pools by swallowing water. Now you know why your mom always told you to not drink the pool water!

2. Proper Hygiene

One way to keep your water safe is to make sure that everyone using the pool showers before they enter. Additionally, you should never use the bathroom in the pool. While this is harder to enforce with young children, especially those in swim diapers, it’s important to teach children (and remind all the adults, too) how to swim healthy.  Swimming healthy includes taking frequent bathroom breaks, changing diapers away from the pool and if you’ve had diarrhea in the last two weeks – don’t get in to swim! And as always, swimmers should never swallow the pool water.

3. Proper Sanitization

Combat harmful bacteria and parasites like Crypto by improving your pool’s sanitizer because it is resistant to chlorine, meaning you’ll need more than just perfectly chlorinated water. That’s where the BioShield® UV System comes in! The BioShield utilizes the power of ultraviolet light to neutralize 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including Cyrpto, and prevents its reproduction, providing instant protection from harmful waterborne pathogens, providing cleaner, safer pool water. It also cuts chlorine usage by up to 50% for less hassle and reduced odors, by reducing chloramines and airborne contaminants that can cause bronchitis or asthma in swimmers.

If you’re ready to help protect your pool from Crypto, find a pool professional near you and ask for the Pentair BioShield UV System today!

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