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As school begins and the daylight hours start to dwindle, the end of pool season draws near.

Whether you experience all four seasons or enjoy tolerable temperatures in fall and winter. Explore these five easy steps to making your pool season last longer.

1. Remove leaves and debris.

Eliminate fallen leaves or detritus from your skimmer to keep your pool water clean. Run your robotic pool cleaner often to remove the debris and grime that settles on the bottom of your pool.

2. Clean your filter.

Routinely check your pool filter to ensure it is clean and clear of debris. Having a clean filter will help keep your pool water chemistry in check and increases your filter's lifespan.

3. Warm up your pool water. 

Fall brings crisp air and chilly temperatures, especially during the evenings, so warm up your pool water! If you do not already have a pool heater, here are two ways you can warm you pool.

  • Gas pool heaters run on natural gas or propane and are the most common type of pool heaters.
  • Heat pumps pull in the outside air to heat your pool.

Contact an expert to help you determine the most suitable pool heating option for your backyard oasis.

4. Balance the water chemistry.

When temperatures begin to drop and daylight hours start to shorten, check your pool’s water level and quality because the water and chemicals are slower to evaporate in cooler temperatures.

Many states experience more rain and a morning frost during the Fall months, which can affect the quality of your pool water. To ensure your pool water is staying clean and clear, check out our Pool Water Guide.

5. Take advantage of your pool lights.

Choose a fun color or theme to maximize your pool lights' potential and have a nighttime pool party or a private swim after the sun goes down.

If you want to continue exploring options for keeping your pool in tip-top condition during Fall, check out our Dealer Locator to find a pool professional in your area to support your fall swimming adventures.

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