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What is TradeGrade?

Our TradeGrade Policy was established to provide an exceptional product ownership experience to pool owners by manufacturing equipment that performs to the highest standards, protecting the integrity of the Pentair brand and to maintain a sustainable business model for you, our trade partners. For you, our TradeGrade policy ensures that you are getting the programs, policies and tools required to safeguard this positive pool owner experience and help you grow your business. 

The Power of Pentair

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As a manufacturer, we have a moral obligation to protect pool owners who purchase Pentair products. We also have a professional obligation to ensure the success of you, our trade partner. That’s why our TradeGrade policy was developed; to support your business model and potential for growth.

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We are dedicated to giving you the programs, policies and tools required to safeguard a positive customer experience, from Pentair all the way down to the end user. This is to ensure you have a sustainable business model that can succeed well into the future.

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Because we’re focused on ensuring a sustainable business model, you’ll have more growth opportunities! How much you grow is ultimately up to you, but you can rest assured knowing that we continue to stand behind our products and values. “We’ve Got Your Back. Always Have. Always Will.”


How We Are Helping Your Business

To us, enhancing our TradeGrade program isn’t about simply pulling SKUs off the internet. It’s about forming better relationships with our trade partners to help you grow your business. So, we are giving you the programs, policies and tools required to safeguard a positive customer experience, from Pentair all the way down to the end user.  Here’s what that means for you:



TradeGrade was developed to support your business model and potential for growth; creating a vision for the future with more selling power. This means you’ll have more freedom to safeguard a sustainable business model AND exclusive tools and lead generation activities that drive business to your door!



With TradeGrade you can now earn more on every sale. Sell more, earn more, starting with your first purchase. Your rewards can be redeemed each year for hundreds of brand name products from the Merchandise Catalog, cash, travel and so much more!



While TradeGrade was developed to support you and your business model, it also benefits your customers, too. TradeGrade offers pool owners peace of mind knowing their equipment is safe and properly installed, extended warranties and more attractive rebates - for the ultimate in safety and savings!

Meet our TradeGrade Products

Our best and most innovative products receive the TradeGrade product designation. Regardless if you’re ready to design your dream pool or just upgrading your equipment, we have the perfect TradeGrade product for you. Check out all of our TradeGrade products today!

Pentair University Equipment Training, King of Prussia, PA.

Exclusive Tools For Professionals

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Pentair Aftermarket Upsell Training —Learn how to identify new opportunities and close sales. (sign-in required)

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Pentair Partners Master Service Program — A tiered incentive program that rewards progress in product training. (sign-in required)

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Pentair University Training Courses — Interactive and in-person training for installation, troubleshooting and service.

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Pentair Partners Incentive Program — Travel, cash and merchandise rewards for your purchase.

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Partnership with HomeAdvisor  — Pre-qualified prospects make fast online connections to your service offerings. (sign-in required)

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TradeGrade Policy Enforcement

Pentair has a trained team of TradeGrade experts and third-party resources that will be scouring the internet 24/7 for TradeGrade violations. We will use all resources at our disposal to actively monitor and enforce this policy.

If a TradeGrade product is sold online, the warranty will be limited to a 60-day limited warranty. Pentair will not be liable for any costs or expenses related to an extended warranty provided to a customer beyond the 60-day limited warranty that Pentair provides for such sales. Additionally, no PIP dollars will be rewarded to the dealer for the purchase.

When a TradeGrade product is purchased and sold in compliance with the TradeGrade policy, that product will receive the full product warranty.

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