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Adding pool sanitation equipment can help you achieve cleaner, clearer water. Balanced and sanitized water can help with equipment longevity and keep your pool water jump-in ready anytime. Below you will find the basics of pool sanitation and water treatment options to help you navigate your pool pad and ensure your pool water treatment program is top-notch.

To Get Started

Before you choose your pool sanitation equipment, be sure to schedule an appointment with your pool professional so they can provide expert insight into what pool heating option best suits your swimming environment.

Find A Dealer

If you do not have a pool professional, consider using our Find a Dealer tool so you can find a pool pro in your area.


  1. Why is pool sanitation important?
    Pool sanitation is essential in aid of preventing microorganisms from growing in your pool. Proper pool sanitation reduces the likelihood of bacteria, fungi, and algae contaminating your pool water.
  2. Will having pool water treatment equipment break my bank?
    You may need to pay for the sanitation equipment upfront, but you should experience longstanding rewards. Having water treatment equipment to sanitize your pool water helps with:
    • Equipment and pool surface longevity
    • Water circulation through your pool pad
    • Water clarity
    Keeping your pool sanitized is a necessity. If you are building a new pool, ask your pool professional about the most efficient and cost-effective way to treat your pool water.
  3. What factors should I consider before choosing my pool sanitation equipment?
    1. Do you prefer salt or chlorine, or both?
      Let's resolve a common mistake in pool water treatment. A saltwater pool is still a chlorinated pool.
    2. How do I know which water treatment is the best solution for your pool?
      Depending on the position of your pool, the micro-climate in your backyard and other factors, the best person to ask about the proper pool water treatment is a pool professional in your area.

      Pentair has the Find a Dealer tool to help you locate a pool expert.
    3. How do I maximize my pool sanitation?
      • Layer your pool sanitation
        Incorporate different components to your pool pad to help ensure you have cleaner, more sanitized water.
        For example, the ideal pool treatment product combination can include a salt or chlorine generator, a UV system and pool automation to help keep your pool water in check.
      • Remember to check your pool water weekly
        Your pool water chemistry can change based on weather, temperature, debris, bather load and other factors. Regularly checking your pool water is essential to reducing the likelihood of unwanted bacteria or algae growth in your pool.

Type Of Pool Sanitation

Pool Feeders

Pool chemical feeders are either a pool floater, an erosion (tablet) feeder or an electronically monitored and operated injection system. Pool Floaters and erosion feeders are the devices that dispense inaccurate amounts of chlorine or bromine into your pool.

Salt Chlorine (Salt Cell) Generators

A salt chlorine generator injects chlorine into your pool from the pool pad instead of in the open body of water like a pool feeder. With salt cell generators, some sweet technology comes into play.

Products like the IntelliChlor® or iChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator convert sodium chloride (NaCl) or pool salt into chlorine through electrolysis. With an electrical charge, the saltwater molecules combine to produce chlorine (Cl).

You can see the salt level directly from the pool pad or, better yet, from your pool automation app, like the Pentair Home app.


  • Removes the hassle of moving store-bought chlorine to and from your pool
  • It can help keeps your pool more consistently sanitized
  • It easily connects to your pool automation and checks your sanitation

Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection

Adding UV Disinfection to your pool sanitation program has many benefits. UV light helps eliminate unhealthy microorganisms from the pool in a matter of seconds. Systems like the BioShield® UV Disinfection Sanitizers have powerful light streams that emit UV-C light to disinfect the pool and spa water.

Installing a UV sanitation symptom allows fewer chemicals to enter your pool and makes your sanitizer more effective. Having UV sanitation on your pool pad can help your water chemistry and other factors. It works hand in hand with a salt Chlorine (Salt Cell) generator. It's like the dynamic duo of pool water treatment because the generator injects fresh chlorine into the pool (from salt), and the UV disinfection revitalizes the water by aiding in the elimination of the majority of microorganisms in the pool water.

Adding a UV disinfection system on top of your salt chlorine (salt cell) generator adds that extra layer of sanitation that can help produce clearer jump-in-ready water.


How can you manage your pool sanitation? Through automation. Some Pentair automation products manage your pool water treatment regime for you!

IntelliChem® Water Chemistry Pool Controller - it measures and adds what your pool water needs in real-time! Imagine having a product that automatically controls your pH and chlorine levels. It will notify you when you run low on acid and chlorine supplies.

ChemCheck® Water Quality Monitoring System - You can see your water pH and sanitizer levels in real-time. Connecting your ChemCheck to the Pentair Home app notifies you remotely when your pH and sanitizer levels require your attention between regular hand testing.

IntelliConnect® Pool Control System or IntelliCenter® Pool Control System - the creme de la creme of pool automation allows you to connect multiple products and devices to one control system to operate your pool pad from your smart device.

What's the best combo of products?

Ask your pool pro! Maybe you need a salt cell generator, UV system and automation to help keep your pool water in A+ shape. Find a pool pro to get the pool water of your dreams!

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