The Benefits of Variable Speed and Flow Pool Pumps

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Choosing a variable speed and flow (VSF) pool pump can give you everything you love about owning a pool. With auto-regulated flow control, a VSF pump can adjust speed to maintain flow for optimal water feature performance, clearer water, less wear and tear on equipment and energy efficiency. Discover four ways Pentair-patented VSF technology can enhance your pool experience.

1. Put your pool pump on cruise control.

With auto-regulated flow control, Pentair VSF pool pump technology automatically adjusts speeds to maintain flow.

What is auto-regulated flow control?

When dirt or debris loads into a filter between cleanings, the pump will sense a reduction in flow due to a higher restriction in the flow path and speed up to maintain water flow.

This technology lets you put your pool on cruise control, offering a set-it-and-forget-it approach for easier pool management. The auto-regulated flow control can help minimize wear and tear on your pool equipment since the pump responds to the filter load and adjusts the speed accordingly.

3. Improve your water features’ performance.

Auto-regulated flow can keep your water features at peak performance by keeping the water flowing at a constant rate. Those cascading fountains, bubbling bubblers, running waterfalls – or other features in your pool – can all work harmoniously with a VSF pool pump to amaze any guest around your pool.

4. Experience energy savings.

Pentair VSF pumps meet the U.S. Department of Energy and ENERGY STAR® criteria for better energy and cost savings. With VSF technology that meets these criteria, you can save up to 90% on energy costs compared to traditional single or two-speed pool pumps. *

VSF technology allows you to spend less time at the pool pad adjusting your pump settings and more time enjoying your pool while saving energy.

At Pentair, we have a variety of pool pumps for you to choose from but choosing a VSF pool pump is an easy decision if you are looking for a more effortless pool experience.


*Source: "Make A Savings Splash with an Energy Star® Certified Pool Pump."

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