D.E. Pool Filters

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Diatomaceous Earth or D.E. filters are considered to be one of the most effective filter options for trapping dirt and debris in water. At Pentair, our D.E. pool filters deliver trusted and trouble-free performance, easy maintenance and clean pool water. 

The unique grid shapes of our D.E. pool filters make them more effective at trapping dirt while making maintenance easier. Meaning our D.E. pool filters provide better performance, for longer periods of time between cleanings. Giving you more time to enjoy your pool and lets you spend less time backwashing.

While all D.E. swimming pool filters require regular backwashing, our D.E. filter designs make cleaning simple. And with a durable, corrosion-resistant tank you'll have years of dependable filtering.

Ready for sparkling clean water? Find a pool professional near you to determine which D.E. pool filter is best for your pool. 

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